A Category Leader in Retail Product Protection

Frost & Sullivan quote

The retail sector is undergoing a major transformation. By 2020, researchers expect the average store size will be 20% smaller, online and mobile channels will become integrated, and new forms of payments will soar. Innovation in retail protection can provide retailers with the tools to deliver differentiated solutions that transform the way consumers and businesses perform their daily activities. Innovation can help improve business efficiency, lead to higher customer satisfaction levels, increase in-store visits, and enhance brand equity for retailers.

As a category leader, Asurion continues to discover new frontiers and incorporate novel features in its portfolio of retail product protection solutions. Premium technical support, multi-device solutions, text-to-register services, the PlanScan patent-pending mapping technology, and the PlanSmart suite of marketing tools are just a few of the innovations that have helped Asurion emerge as a preferred provider of retail product protection programs in North America.

For these unique capabilities, Asurion has been awarded the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award for Visionary Innovation Leadership in Retail Product Protection.